This list is a combination of of how we expect the Giants’ offense will be like and what to watch for, whether during the offseason or regular season.

1. QB-

Starter: Eli Manning

Look to see Eli Manning have a record year for him at his age. He now has a newly revamped offensive line and an above average left tackle (Nate Solder) guarding his weak side. He also has Patrick Omameh and Will Hernandez at guard to help him out. The Giants also have a run game now in Saquon Barkley which will prevent them from being one dimensional. My personal prediction for Eli Manning is to throw for around 4,000 yards and 27 touchdowns.


What to look for: Kyle Lauletta vs. Davis Webb

It’s not much of a question as to who will be the starter as to who will be the backup to Manning. This will be an interesting battle to watch due to their playing styles. Lauletta, a smart quarterback that is a great manager and can make a lot of the short throws with great accuracy. However, he needs to work on his long-range game and fine tune some of his mechanics. Or Davis Webb, who is great at throwing the deep ball but needs to work on his short-range game, mechanics, decision-making, and accuracy. The winner of this heated race will likely be the heir to Eli Manning and be the future of the Giants for years to come.

2. WRs-

Starters: Odell Beckham Jr., Sterling Shepard, Cody Latimer

Sterling Shepard might lose touches with Odell back or it may help him since he will not be guarded so heavily. In addition, watch for Cody Latimer’s debut as a Giant. He will be a red zone threat and likely haul in 5+ touchdowns this season. Odell should have a good year with around 1,250 yards receiving and 10+ receiving touchdowns.


What to look for: Expect Odell to bounce back after his gruesome ankle injury last season. However, he may not be the same since ankle injuries can really harm a player, especially a receiver. His recovery has been going well so now we just have to hope that he comes back healthy. Also, the recent boost in their run game should provide more opportunities for the passing game to excel, since defenses won’t be expecting a one-dimensional offense.

3. RB-

Starter: Saquon Barkley

The first round pick (2nd overall), and highly anticipated player, will be put under a heavy workload for the Giants. He will be expected to turn things around for their abysmal run game in the last couple of years. However, the WR core the Giants now have should help take a portion of the pressure and load off of Saquon Barkley.


What to look for: Expect veteran RB Jonathan Stewart to mentor Barkley. Also pay attention to Saquon’s involvement in the Giants’ passing game, as he says he is “willing to do anything for his team.” It’s also a possibility he could be the team’s first 1,000+ yard rusher since Ahmad Bradshaw in 2012. He should help the team have a running game to complement their passing game (they have not had both in years). Also, watch out for Saquon to be involved in the pass game as well and to get around 400 receiving yards.

4. TE-

Starter: Evan Engram

He may lose some touches due to the many weapons that Giants now possess. However, even if he does lose some receiving production, Engram can still be very helpful as a blocker. Blocking is something that he will need to improve on to have a vital role in the Giants’ offense.


What to look for: Will Engram go into a sophomore slump or will he have a career year? Engram is a very talented player that completes the Giants’ offensive threats. He can be very productive and be a great player for the Giants. However, he may get lost between all of the targets the Giants have and may not have as productive of a year.

5. OT-

Starters: Nate Solder, Ereck Flowers

It is obvious that Nate Solder will start at left tackle but the question is who will start at right tackle (this will be talked about in the what to look for section)? Nate Solder needs to prove that he can play in the biggest media market in the world (I know they play in New Jersey but it is the New York City market). Hopefully, Nate Solder will be able to protect Eli’s blindside and help him have a strong and healthy career. In addition, hopefully he will be able to open gaps for Barkley.


What to look for: Who will be the starting right tackle? Right Tackle or Center seems like it will the weakest spot for the Giants. There is a competition between Chad Wheeler and Ereck Flowers for the starting right tackle position. It seems that Ereck Flowers is the better player but he has been away from the Giants all offseason. He will also be making the transition from left to right tackle so we will need to see how that goes. Hopefully the person that starts at this position will be able to do the job well.

6. OG-

Starters: Will Hernandez, Patrick Omameh

The addition of Will Hernandez after taking Saquon Barkley in the first round should be enough to turn around their dormant running game. Having a completely revamped Offensive Line after a horrendous last season definitely gives new hope, especially after Nate Solder signed with the Giants for four years. Drafting a Lineman who was projected to go in the first round in the second round will undeniably help the ground game. In addition, Omameh is coming from Jaguars and will help out at right guard and open holes for Saquon Barkley.


What to look for: Watch for open holes led by Hernandez due to his aggressiveness and determination to protect the QB. According to Will Hernandez, “I’ve got him 100 percent,” which is referring to his willingness and desire to stop anyone trying to get to Manning. He is a “hog mollie” that Gettleman (our GM) is looking for.

7. C-

Starter/What to look for: Brett Jones

He is not the best of players but he will hopefully be able to be serviceable for the time being. Brett Jones will hopefully play to become the Giants center for years and be a better player that people think he will be.