We won the Game 22-16, which is great, but that is not what matters. There was a lot of things to be proud of today and there was a lot of room for improvement from the team. So here is my game review


  • Hunter Sharp gets a nice 55-yard punt return. A nice little stiff arm at the end by Sharp saying get off me to the Jets defender. This is a nice bounce back for him. This helped for his case to be the starting punt returner.
  • Amazing catch and throw between Cody Latimer and Eli Manning. A 54-yard reception. Latimer got behind the defense well and brought the Giants into the redzone. Latimer seems like the clear number two receiver on the team (Sterling Shepard is in the slot).
  • Gallman is much more elusive at running back but the O-Line is getting nothing going in the run game. He played well overall. He had some nice catches and made something out of nothing often.
  • Aldrick Rosas was looking much better in the kicking game than last year. Nice 48-yard, 40-yard, 27-yard, and 20-yard field goals by Rosas. He was 4/4.
  • Eli Manning is looking a lot better throwing the long ball. He had an overall great day. He was 17/23 for 188 yards.
  • Sterling Shepard making some nice catches. 7 receptions for 78 yards in the first half for him.
  • The Giants Special Teams is looking good and the Jets Special Teams is looking awful. They had a nice strip on a kickoff.
  • Run defense started out bad on the first drive but after that the front 7 was on point against the run. I know this is a little bad but I was proud of the starting defensive run game.
  • Defensive Line is looking good against the pass. We put pressure on Darnold often.
  • Vernon is a real mismatch for teams and I think he could have a big season this year. He did not do much today and was not even in the box score. However, he got into the backfield often and I think he has a big year coming for him.
  • Kalif Raymond had a nice return for himself. He and Sharp returned the ball well but I think only one will make the team. Which one will it be? My guess is Sharp due to his experience. However, we will see.
  • Starting offensive line did not give up a sack.
  • Kerry Wynn had another good outing tonight with a sack and another tackle for loss. He has really been making a name for himself.
  • Jhurell Pressley played well as third string running back with 12 carries for 61 yards.
  • Our team was very discipline compared to the Jets. We did not have many penalties.
  • Our starting team beat their starting team 19-13 without Odell and Saquon. This is very promising to me.


  • Sharp also can add nice depth at the receiver position if he learns to catch the ball. He dropped 1 slant that would have been a first down and maybe more.
  • Starting defense is either on point or not getting stuff going. However, the three and outs look promising. Their were nice 3 and outs by the first team defense on the second and third drive.
  • Janoris Jenkins did not really get thrown to. However, he did let up a touchdown on an in route. For the opposite cornerback, Eli Apple, he did not play great. He was beat often. He did have one nice pass deflection after getting beat though.
  • Webb had some nice plays. However, his throws are still very inconsistent. Now for Kyle Lauletta: We didn’t really see anything out of him. That’s all.


    First team Defense got systematically picked apart on first drive.
    First team offensive line did not get the run blocking going. Run game did not going.
    Awful outing by Jonathan Stewart. He really has not been getting anything going the whole preseason. I think it was a garbage signing by Gettleman to get him. I can not believe he is supposed to be a veteran and just fumbles in the redzone. He has been a big disappointment. Stewart played so bad that he had 3 carries for -7 yards.
    Evan Engram got hurt on a hard hit. He was ruled out for the game in the second quarter with a concussion. Hopefully, he will be fine by Week 1.

My MVP for the game would be Eli because he showed that he can still throw the ball well, even without Odell and Saquon (our two biggest threats in my opinion) in. I just want the regular season to start. I am very eager to see the team with everyone in place. There is a lot to be looking forward to after this outing by the Giants. Stay tuned for more.