A great game overall by the Giants. While the Giants suffered a loss to the Patriots (which I never like) 17-12, I saw a lot of great things, mostly in the first half. People were flying all over the field and making plays. It also doesn’t matter if we win or lose in the preseason. It is just to get looks at players and the team. I am going to keep my commentary of this game to mostly positive (and mostly about people who will/may make the team) due to the fact that the negatives are about backups that might not make the team. Here are my notes:

  • Kyle Lauletta showed his potential but did not have a great outing. He made some nice throws on the run and had one touchdown. However, he struggled throwing the deep ball and ended up throwing two picks. He finished 8/19 with 118 yards.
  • Jhrurll Pressely ran the ball well and is making a case for the running back four job. He had 40 yards on 7 carries. The running back four job is down to him, Robert Martin, and Jalen Simmons.
  • Kalif Raymond had one nice 20-yard catch on the first drive and burned wide receivers on other plays. However, he did not get another catch due to the fact that Lauletta could not find him and when he did he did not place the ball well. Raymond has made a strong case to make the team this preseason due to his ability to return the ball and catch.
  • Jerell Adams played well at tight end besides one crucial drop. However, Adams should make the team.
  • Lorenzo Carter was an animal in the first quarter. He got in the backfield often and wreaked havoc. He also recorded one sack. He could be a great starter if someone goes down or a great rotational piece. I really like the rookie and I think he was a steal in the third round.
  • Robert Thomas also recorded a sack and played well at nose tackle. He adds great depth behind Damon Harrison.
  • Tae Davis played well at linebacker and on special teams. He did miss one big tackle but besides that he played relatively well. He may make the team due to the fact that he is a rookie and can help on special teams a lot.
  • Finally, my MVP, Donte Deayon, played great. He had 4 pass deflection, two of them being picks. One of his picks came in the redzone which would be great in a real game. He almost had a third pick but unfortunately he was not able to hold on to the ball. However, he played really well besides a miss tackle on a screen which went for a first down and more. He needs to work on his tackling but he seems to be pretty good in the pass game. I think he adds great depth at the cornerback position and that outing locks up his roster spot.

Overall, not a bad outing. Some people played great but will still not make the team. It is said but that is just how it is. I will probably be making a 53-man roster prediction so stay tuned for more.