The New York Giants lost 201-15 to the Jaguars this afternoon. However, there were a lot of positives from the performance. Here are my notes:


  • The offensive line looked awful. Eli got sacked twice (hit 6 times) and the unit allowed 8 tackles for loss. The wholes weren’t there for running backs and Eli did not get much time at all. Patrick Omaheh and Ereck Flowers, specifically, played awful. Flowers had two penalties on him on the first drive and his man constantly got by him. The only positive is that this was against one of the best (or the best) defensive fronts in the league and it will get a little easier after this.
  • Kaelin Clay is garbage!!! 3 returns for 4 yards and a game losing fumble. C’Mon Man! Hopefully, he is gone and we get a better guy.
  • Evan Engram has to catch the ball better. There were some plays that we could have had huge gains but instead we settled for a five-yard penalty because Engram couldn’t catch the ball. Engram has to do a better job.


You might ask how there are this many good things, well I think that we have a lot of potential and did not play bad. We also played a top team in the league so there is a lot of room for improvement.

  • Eli looked great in the first half. He was 11-12 in the first half (best of his career in any half) which is very promising. He finished 23-37 with 224 passing yards and 1 interception. He fell off a little bit in the second half and threw a pick. However, he got no time from the offensive line and there were key drops from Sterling Shepard, Evan Engram, and more. I think Eli’s outing shows that he still has potential and can not be counted out yet. A side not is that Eli started in his 217th career game which surpasses Michael Strahan as the most in Giant’s history.
  • The Joker beat Batman. If you didn’t know, this means that Odell Beckham Jr. on the OBJ-Ramsey match-up. Odell had 11 receptions for 111 yards. He also drew a 30-yard pass interference penalty on Barry Church and a 15-yard penalty on Jalen Ramsey. Odell played very well against an amazing secondary on his first game back since breaking his ankle.
  • Saquon is not all Hype. Barkley had 128 scrimmage yards and a touchdown. His touchdown coming from a 68 yard rush. He had 106 rushing yards behind a less than stellar offensive line. He often made something out of nothing and he really looked promising considering this was against one of the best defenses in the league.
  • Front Seven looked great. Barring one 42 yard run from Blake Bortles the defense did not allow much rushing yards. We swarmed to the ball and did not allow many big plays. This is one of the better rushing attacks we will see this year and we handled the job well. I think that if Olivier Vernon was there we would have been even better and maybe would have won the game.
  • NYPD? New York Pass Defense. The secondary did not allow much passing yards (176), and we had 8 pass deflections and one interception. It was a strong outing against an awful passing offense.
  • Revamped Special Teams? Barring the return game our special teams looked good. Aldrick Rosas was 3/3 on his field-goal attempts and Riley Dixon averaged 49.4 yards per punt. This group did much better than last year.
  • Individual stars:
    • OBJ: See above
    • Saquon Barkley: See above
    • Eli Apple: He had two passes defended and made some crucial plays. He had a pretty good game.
    • Janoris Jenkins: He came up with a key interception and almost had another one. He had two pass deflections as well.
    • Curtis Riley: He was a beast at free safety. He was everywhere and totaled for 6 tackles (second on the team). He played much better than our free safeties last year.
    • Kareem Martin/Kerry Wynn: Both of them played well on the defensive front, and they totaled for a combined sack.
    • Damon Harrison: He stopped the run well and totaled for six tackles. He looked very solid.
    • Alec Ogletree: 7 tackles and a pass deflection, not a bad outing.

Overall, we lost which is upsetting. However, we did a lot of good stuff. Hopefully, the offense will click next week against an easier opponent out of the Dallas Cowboys, who is losing 10-0 currently (YAY). I’m excited to watch the New York Giants play this year and think that they have a lot to look forward to. Stay tuned for more.