Hello, my name is Jeevan Kirkland. I am currently in high school and play football myself. I have been a huge New York Giants fan since I started watching football when I was 5 years old. I began to like the Giants because it was my dad’s favorite team and I wanted to like everything he liked. For instance, Lawrence Taylor is my favorite Giants player ever because my dad used to show me youtube clips of him. Since becoming a Giants fan, I have tried to learn everything about the Giants that I can. I wanted to know every player, their numbers, and positions. I always wanted to watch the Giants games, as well, and would be disappointed when I had to go to my Pop Warner football games on Sunday afternoons. I am always trying to know everything about the Giants and what is going on around the team. Since, I knew a good amount I was like hey, why don’t I just make a blog? I could give my teenage insight on the latest Giants news and updates. I follow everything anyways so I can just make a website for fun. And this is what I did. Dylan Shukla (my partner) and I created this page on April 7th,  2018 and I hope we are doing a decent job. If you are reading this then that means that at least you are visiting our page. If you have any suggestions you can reach us via the contact section. Well I will leave you on that. And as I like to say, “Stay tuned for more”.