Review Pre 1

I will begin a section called star players. Each week I will break down the performances of a few standout Giants players. These were the star players fro week 5:

  • Odell Beckham Jr.- Odell had a huge game after his questionable comments with Josina Anderson. He threw one 57-yard touchdown pass to Saquon Barkley and had 131 receiving yards and a receiving touchdown for himself. He made some big plays and had an amazing one handed grab. However, OBJ did make some key mistakes. He tried to do to much on a punt return so that the ball would fall in the end zone and the Giants would receive a touchback. This turned out to be a bad decision because the ball bounced off of his leg and the Panthers scored a touchdown. In addition, Odell dropped an easy first down on fourth and short. Finally, Beckham Jr. did not complete a touchdown catch. he caught the ball but then the defensive back made a great play and got between Odell’s outstretched arms and broke up the pass. With all of this I think that Odell still played extremely well and kept us in the game. I expect him to have another 100+ yard performance and a touchdown or more against the Eagles on Thursday.
  • Saquon Barkley- This man is proving why we picked him 2nd overall. He joined some elite company on Sunday as he became one of three running backs ever (Barkley, Adrian Peterson, and Kareem Hunt) to open up their career with 5 straight 100+ yard scrimmage games. He just makes big plays for the Giants and helps us stay in the game. I hope that he can continue his streak against the Eagles and beat the record holder, Kareem Hunt with 7 games, for the most straight games with 100+scrimmage yards.
  • Will Hernandez- This man has been the biggest steal of the draft for the Giants. We picked him in the second round and he is currently the 3rd rank guard according to profootballfocus. He is also the best rookie lineman so far. This man has been amazing in the pass and run game. The whole offensive line on Sunday played well in reference to previous performances. They did not get much going in run blocking. However, they gave Eli Manning a lot of time and only allowed one sack where Eli could have done something with the ball. This offensive line group is constantly getting better and I’m excited to see them play on Thursday against the divisional rivals and current Super Bowl Champoins.
  • Janoris Jenkins and NYPD- I think he and the Giants pass defense (NYPD) played very well, and I think that Jenkins has done a good job of shutting down each team’s number one receiver. The pass defense onle allowed 237 passing yards and had two interceptions. The Panthers’ leading receiver was Devin Funchess with 53 yards. This is a great performance in my opinion and one of the picks came from Janoris Jenkins. He picked off the ball and returned it for 29 yards. Two plays later Odell Beckham Jr. caught a touchdown. This is the type of things we need from our secondary and I hope we deliver Carson Wentz his second interceptioon of the season on Thursday.
  • Damon Harrison- He is considered and elite defensive interior player according to profootballfocus. I consider him the best Giants defensive asset. This man is a dominant force on the run game and had 1.5 tackles for loss on Sunday. He and the defense held Christian McCaffery to only 58 rushing yards and no rushing touchdowns. I hope he stuffs the multi-headed Eagles backfield this Sunday.

Overall, I think that their were a lot of positive performances from Giants players. We as a team scored 30 points fro the first time in years. Now that the curse has been lifted we can start rolling. Stay tuned for more.