The Giants suffered a 3 point loss to the Falcons last night. The game was not very close overall but there were many positives. First of all, Odell Beckham Jr. played great. He had 143 yards and a touchdown. He also caught the touchdown to put us down by 2. Saquon Barkley was a little quiet for himself but not a bad game for him. He had 94 total yards and a touchdown. Finally, the third round draft pick, Lorenzo Carter, played very well and he recorded a sack. He will be a great rotational player or starter in the coming years. Overall the pass rush was there, recording a season high of 3 sacks. The secondary tools were not however. Janoris Jenkins got burnt once again. And Eli Apple was always one step too late. This could be a reason that we traded to the Saints him for a 4th round 2019 draft pick and a 7th round draft pick. Finally, Eli Manning just keeps missing throws. Odell Beckham Jr. could have had two more touchdowns if Eli could find him. Eli likely will be gone and read the last post if you want to hear more about this. All in all, the season is practically over and we are already trading away starters. On to next year for the Giants. Obviously, the goal is to still win every game and I will be rooting for this. You never know we could potentially (unlikely) run the table. Stay tuned for more.