Giants Redskins

The Giants play the Redskins tomorrow at 1 P.M. EST. This is a must-win if they want to keep from getting eliminated from playoff contention. Here are some notes:


  • The offense will be struggling with Odell Beckham Jr. out. They will need to create some plays in the passing game with other players such as Sterling Shepard, Evan Engram, and Corey Coleman.
  • Talking about Corey Coleman, this can be a huge game for him because he should get more playing time as a receiver.
  • For the rushing game, the Giants need to be great here to help out the passing game. Unless the Giants make some great plays happen on defense or in the passing game, Saquon Barkley will need over 150 scrimmage yards and 1-2 touchdowns in my opinion for the Giants to win.
  • Eli Manning needs to be a game manager in this game and not try to force anything. The Giants need no more than 1 turnover in this game to pull off the win. Hopefully, the Giants can keep care of the ball and not turn it over once. The Redskins have a top 10 defense in the league so this will be difficult.
  • For the offensive line the Giants need to step it up and give Eli some time because without Odell it may be had to find someone. The goal should be to allow 3 or fewer sacks tomorrow. The offensive line also need to give Saquon running lanes and the goal should be for him to have 5 yards a carry (YAC).
  • After all of this, hopefully the Giants can put up 20+ points because I feel that this would be enough to win. If the Giants come out scoring early then they will be able to force the Redskins to throw. This will hep the Giants win the game.


  • The defense will be expected to do a lot against one of the worst offenses in the league. The Redskins are 28th in total yards and 27th in points per game, only averaging 19.4 points per game. Most of this comes with Alex Smith who was a decent starting quarterback. They now have Mark Sanchez, their third string quarterback, who hasn’t started a game since 2015. The man has thrown more interception (87) than touchdowns (86) in his career so the Giants need to take advantage of that. The goal for the defense should be not to allow more than 17 points.
  • The secondary will be expected to do a lot against a man who has averaged 1.1 interception a game. The goal should be less than 200 yards per game, Sanchez only averages 196.4 yards per game, and two interceptions. The Redskins receiving core is abysmal so the Giants should have a field day. There number one pass catcher is their tight end, Jordan Reed, who only has 558 yards and two touchdowns.
  • For the pass rush, the Giants need to get a lot going. The Giants are tied for 30th in the NFL in sacks with only 19 sacks. The Redskins have an awful offensive line with many injuries. The goal should be 5+ sacks. Individual goals for B.J. Hill and Olivier Vernon should be 2 sacks a piece. Vernon really needs to get something going because he is getting paid too much for only 3 sacks. On the other hand, Hill is very promising and I expect a big day from him.
  • Finally our linebackers and safeties need to contain Adrian Peterson. He is having himself a solid year but there is no reason that he should rush for 100 yards tomorrow. Our defensive line needs to get push so he has minimal running games. Dalvin Tomlinson really needs to hold up the middle. For the linebackers, Alec Ogletree needs to be all over the place and make a lot of plays. Finally, Michael Thomas needs to step up and fill the void Landon Collins has made. Collins was a big aspect in the running game and the Giants need Thomas to come up and make a lot of tackles. If the Giants can stop their running game early they can force the Redskins to pass and with this game.

Special Teams:

  • Aldrick Rosas needs to continue his kicking greatness and the Giants will be fine on that aspect of the game.
  • Corey Coleman needs to get some nice returns to put the Giants in good field position.

Overall, I think that the Giants have a great shot of winning in Washington. Stay tuned for more.